About IPST

Since the invention of the laser, optical science has made remarkable progress. In particular, recent advances in laser source technology have expanded the wavelength range of coherent light from the terahertz to soft X-ray region. These technologies are used in all fields of basic science to create tools that drive cutting-edge research, as well as fundamental technologies that support society. The Institute for Photon Science and Technology (IPST) of the Graduate School of Science was established in October 2013 with the aim of creating a new science fields that crosses existing academic fields through this photon science. While linking cutting-edge research within the university, we aim to form a center of photon science at the University of Tokyo in collaboration with other institutions, and at the same time, we will promote collaboration with industry to spread the technologies that utilize the results of basic research throughout society. In this way, we will demonstrate that the activities of basic science in search of truth will lead to the innovations that will solve the problems of human society and bring about further social change, and we will communicate to society the new role of basic science.

The Institute is using the latest laser technology to realize innovations in manufacturing using light, such as advanced laser processing, as well as researching and developing new light and materials science to support such technologies.

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